Mr. Master launches new website and AIM Premium renewal agreements with Alpha Media, Townsquare Media, NRG Media, and SummitMedia.

LOS ANGELES, October 18, 2022 – Mr. Master, the parent company behind the industry’s leading compliance and content distribution software, announces it has changed the name of its Automation Import Manager software (AIM) to AIM Premium and its MediaShooterPro software to AIM Basic. The name change reflects the prominence, success, and growth of the AIM brand within the radio industry. Effective immediately, Mr. Master’s software options are now combined into a single product suite with two different tiers under the flagship AIM name. AIM Premium helps radio stations increase their revenue, productivity, and transparency by both delivering and automatically processing network spots, makegoods, and shows into automation systems. AIM Premium also helps stations reach 100% ad compliance, provides affidavits within 24 hours, and offers real-time analytics. More than 5000 stations use AIM Premium to process more than 1.1 million spots per week. While AIM Premium focuses on both processing and delivering ads and show content, AIM Basic focuses exclusively on the delivery of ads and show content.

Stu Jacobs, CEO of Mr. Master, said “When we launched AIM back in 2013, we knew we were revolutionalizing compliance in the radio advertising industry. Now, nearly a decade later, this rebranding reflects AIM’s place in the industry as the gold standard for processing and delivering station content. If a station needs help delivering its on-air and advertising content, Mr. Master offers AIM Basic. If a station needs both the delivery, processing, and proof-of-performance of its ads and on-air programming content, Mr. Master offers AIM Premium.”

As part of this rebranding, Mr. Master has launched a new website at New features include:

  • A redesign for easier navigation
  • Robust product information
  • Case studies from Alpha Media LLC, Forever Media Inc., and SummitMedia LLC
  • An easy-to-access web-to-lead form to contact Mr. Master’s support team 365 days a year
  • A quick and easy way to request a consultation with Mr. Master’s sales team
  • An about us page with Mr. Master’s origin story, mission statement, and company values

This rebranding announcement comes as Mr. Master announces renewal contracts with Alpha Media, Townsquare Media, Inc. (NYSE: TSQ), NRG Media, SummitMedia, and other notable radio groups. These renewal agreements total more than 600 stations nationwide. 

About Mr. Master

Mr. Master supplies radio stations with the leading compliance and content distribution software in the industry. Its AIM product suite is used by the biggest radio groups in the country to optimize their traffic and production workflow. AIM Premium is a work-from-anywhere software solution that optimizes a station’s workflow by automating network commercial inventory and compliance data processing, as well as delivering on-air programming content to stations in under one minute. AIM Premium is used by 5000 stations nationwide and processes more than 1 million spots per week. AIM Basic focuses exclusively on delivering on-air content and ads to stations. It is widely accepted as the industry standard for unattended audio delivery by content providers and stations. Together, the AIM products service more than 8500 radio stations. Learn more at or follow us on LinkedIn.

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