What Our Customers Are Saying

“Mr. Master has completely streamlined our network barter & custom network orders workflow process.”

Bill Sagona
Director, Commercial Traffic

“It has taken the manual network scheduling and affidavits off of traffic & continuity. It also has eliminated the manual dubbing of hundreds of spots.”

Donna Autry-Bartley
Market Traffic Manager

“AIM Premium eliminated the stress of holiday weekends because the system automatically uploads network spots. Now we don’t have to come in on a weekend to make sure everything uploaded.”

Cristie Cummings
Corporate Director of Traffic
SummitMedia LLC
(formerly The E.W. Scripps Company)

“We are able to do so much more with the resources that are available to us because of AIM Premium. The important piece is that it’s just not one department. It’s not just a traffic function. It’s not just a programming function. It’s not just ops and production. It’s all of those things… and sales. It’s impacted production in a variety of departments – not just one.”

Paul Blanding
Corporate Director of Traffic Operations
Alpha Media

“Every market has benefited from AIM Premium because they can save a boatload of time. We have 1000 minutes of barter a week, and it might be well passed that by now… that means we’re saving probably 30 hours at least a week per market.”

Dustin Getz
Forever Media

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